TV Programme ‘Planet for $ale’ now over 18,000 viewers

‘Planetfor $ale’ BBC 2 TV soundtrack and free download of first 2 tracks ofthe new ‘Planet for $ale’ album

Last FM. Listen to Nigels music and find soul mates on Last FM

 NMJ Live2004 clip of ‘Ship to Shore’ and full length ‘Behind the Stone’

‘Ship toShore’ still sailing “ Mojo presents 50 genre-bending classics that, over the last 40 years, have taken folkmusic out of the fishing cottages and into the stratosphere. Sosettle back, pour a cup of Liberty cap tea and let’s go beyond …

Jilaen Sherwood created the beautiful ‘Angels picture’ inside the Angels over Water CD 1993. She is a visual artist who creates in many mediums and has many album and CD cover art designs to her credit. A ‘Brit’ abroad in the States spreading good vibes and reaching for the higher world.

Echo City website. Echo City is Guy Evans’s main post-VdGG project. This site tells you all about it.

The Official Barclay James Harvest website. NMJ supported them across UK and Europe 1980 and 84

Without BJH, this website would not exist in this form. Strange but true.

Find all about Nigel Mazlyn Jones at Wikiverse

Listen to Raft CD on Soundcloud

Hawkwind biographer Ian Abrahams interviews Nigel about Sentinal on Spacerock. Sentinal Review