Raft (Album – 2019)

New album featuring 12 string guitars and glissando.
With Guy Evans of Van Der Graaf Generator – drums and percussion,
Rog Patterson – Chapman Stick – fretless bass and acoustic,
Jo Lucy – violin,
Oscar Morse – Sax,
Jim Nield – electric guitar,
Rob Phillips – fretless bass,
Margaret MJ – piano,
Dave Reeves – harmonicas,
Oscar Morse – Sax.
Original paintings Pete Loveday

Atmospheric influences from the rugged North Cornish coastline and the story of ‘Raft’ – Some of these pieces were written, played and recorded simultaneously. All ‘string’ sounds are created by glissando.

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“There ís a complexity to his approach, ferocity edged with a brittle beauty .. joy of living pervades .. often rainbow lit.” – Mojo May 2014

“lyrical inspiration, daring instrumental tracks that shine. 8 out of 10” – Uncut Magazine

“entirely original acoustic folk sound, some of the best acoustic music in the UK” – Shindig! Magazine

“An undoubted musical maverick, there is something profoundly elemental about his music” – R2 (Rock n Reel) Magazine