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The new album features strong use of various 12 string guitars including Glissando bowed techniques. Guest players include Guy Evans of Van Der Graaf Generator on drums and percussion - Rog Patterson on Chapman Stick, Fretless bass and acoustic - Jo Lucy on violin - Oscar Morse on Sax - Jim Nield on electric guitar - Rob Phillips on fretless bass - Margaret MJ on piano - Dave Reeves on harmonicas - Co production John 'Bonny'Acock - original paintings Pete Loveday

Atmospheric influences from the rugged North Cornish coastline and the story of 'Raft' - some of these pieces were written, played and recorded simultaneously. All 'string' sounds are created using Glissando bowed technique.

1. Spirit Moves
2. There is a Place
3. Free Flight
4. Only Human
5. Push the Boat Out
6. For One Brief Moment
7. News 24 2050
8. Common Ground
9. Raft
10. 60 Miles of Horizon
11. Bright Sky
12. When Rivers Run Dry

Raft Lyrics

Spirit Moves.

There is a Place

Free Flight

Only Human

News 24 2050

Common Ground


60 Miles of Horizon

Bright Sky

When Rivers Run

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