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Planet for $ale

‘Planet for $ale’ Suite    IOL CD 0237   Album in print see Shop

Music composed produced by Mazlyn Jones. Re-mix collaborations Steve Hillage System 777, Banco de Gaia, Guy Evans, John Acock and Keith Halden. Featuring Guy Evans of Van Der Graaf Generator, Carla Vallett, Steve Jolliffe, Phil Beer, Margaret Phillips and Bliss. Original art Pete Loveday. Graphics Andy Medley.

In 1998 radio producer Dr Keith Halden, winner of two ‘Sony Radio Awards’ created a powerful visual montage based on the words of the NMJ song ‘Planet for $ale’ for BBC 2 TV Scotland. Over the next seven years ‘Planet for $ale’ became a full length album and a project. Artist friends from other music genres got involved and created re-mixes from the original NMJ recordings and samples.

The lyrics are a series of questions, “Planet for $ale in need of renovation, who’ll give us a dollar for a dead old globe” and “Why are the rich so bloody greedy, Why are governments so corrupt right to the core?”, and answers, “It needs a change of thinking, if we’re to go on living, bringing up our children on this planet green and blue, yes it needs a change of living, to keep the garden beautiful, we’re only the caretakers, and we’re only passing through”.

NMJ once worked with the great apes for Gerald Durrell at Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust. Gerald Durrell and John Muir ‘the first ecologist’ are quoted in the album sleeve notes.

“When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with the other stars, all singing and shining as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty”  John Muir 1879 from ‘Travels in Alaska’.

“The world is as delicate and as complicated as a spider’s web and like a spider’s web if you touch one thread you send shudders running through all the other threads that make up the web. But we’re not just touching the web, we’re tearing great holes in it; we’re waging a sort of biological war on the world around us”.    Gerald Durrell 1972

NMJ says “I compare the way animals behave with the way we humans behave both in relationship to this life-nurturing planet and to each other and draw my conclusions from there. I worked part-time at Dudley Zoo observing the behaviour of the people watching the animals in the zoo. Later I worked at the Jersey Trust where Durrell’s ethics impressed me. I learned to hate enclosures physical and mental. I realised the human animal does not know how to live on this planet and now we have undeniable proof of human impact on the planets life support system”.

 “It took a lot of commitment to get to the finished Planet for $ale album with many giving their time freely. Without them the album and this web site would not exist so I want to make that energy input work to help others. Let’s have the truth on the table and really see the roots of environmental damage. As John Lennon said “all I want is the truth, just give me some truth”’ As spin was invented by bowlers we have to learn to bat better.”


Dancing Trees. Camon. France. John Richardson

Dancing Trees. Camon. France. John Richardson

Clearing weather South East Pyrenees. John Richardson

Clearing weather South East Pyrenees. John Richardson

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