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NMJ and Guy Evans

Guy Evans and NMJ have often joined forces to perform live as an ensemble for concerts and festivals. Guy Evans is the eclectic Van Der Graaf Generator drummer and percussionist and occasional drummer with Gong and Echo City. NMJ on 12 and 6 string electro-acoustic guitars, a Santor and Clay Pot, combined with Guy’s percussive dynamics creates very fertile ground for improvisation.

Since the nineties NMJ and Guy Evans have featured at many festivals and Glastonbury including main stage and many Whirlygig Dance nights where they played the parachute set live chill outs. Occasional one off guest line-ups at festivals with friends like Nik Turner ex Hawkwind now Inner City Unit resulted in unusual gigs with rare line-ups.

In 97 snapshots of these gigs surfaced as the album ‘Live with Guy Evans, Nik Turner and Friends’ album released on Voice Print Records BP 250. (See downloads) A collection of great ‘one off’ extracts with live atmosphere.

‘Planet for $ale’ is the most recent collaborative album featuring Guy, Banco De Gaia and Steve Hillage of System 7. Originally a BBC TV programme the album is hard hitting and very electric. Profits from the album go to charity.

Mojo voted NMJ’s first album as one of the top folk albums of all time that ‘took folk out of the fishing cottages into the stratosphere’. Folk Roots calls him ‘a first rate producer of acoustic brain food’. Guy and NMJ together weave a fine spell.

This year they will be joined by multi-instrumentalist Jim Nield on flutes and guitars.

Guy Evans is probably best known as the drummer of Van Der Graaf Generator. In the interval between the band’s break-up in 1978 and its reformation in 2005 he has played with Gong, Peter Hammill’s K Group and in numerous collaborations in the field of music broadly known as ‘experimental’.  He is a founder member of Echo City the group of musician/designers who perform on giant self-made instruments collectively known as sonic playgrounds. Their award winning structures have been enjoyed by festival goers around the world.  He is currently touring and recording with Van Der Graaf Generator and has just been working on a new Echo City album in collaboration with Mike Ray and Dave Davis of the Sun Ra Arkestra.


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