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Nigel Mazlyn Jones has released 11 albums since 1976 when he established his ‘Isle of Light Records’ label on which most of his subsequent material has been released. The first two albums ‘Ship to Shore’ 1976 and ‘Sentinel’ 1979 are sought by collectors and were re-released with extra tracks and sleeve notes by Kissing Spell in 2002 and 2008.

Nigel specialises in acoustic 12 string guitars woven with wide dynamics and Glissando bowed styles. He lives and records near the Cornish coast and some of his work reflects this closeness to the elements. There are emotions and edge in the lyrics and the tradition of saying it like it is.

In 1980 a meeting with Van Der Graaf Generator’s drummer percussionist Guy Evans marked the beginning of live and recorded collaborations between them starting with the third album ‘Breaking Cover’ released in 1981.

Nigel says “Living near hundreds of miles of coastline is a good way of getting an over view on life. Getting time in my studio became essential after gigging on the road for over 3 decades across Europe. Being able to explore acoustic guitars, stringed things and strange clay pots and percussion with Guy Evans opened up lots of musical creativity.”


1969 watching boats between France and Jersey

This is Jersey with the young apes I looked after as a living in member of staff on call all night as well as day.
Circa 1970

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